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Trusts and Wills in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Stay Prepared

Although nobody likes to think about writing a will – and the implication that there could be an unexpected death in the family – it’s necessary to consider. Accidents happen every day and although we can’t prevent every possibility, we can be prepared for the ultimate outcome. Writing a will is a fairly straight-forward concept. You dictate what is to be done with your possessions, and who is to inherit them after you pass away.

Protect Your Possessions

One of the reasons to write a will is to prevent the state from taking possession of your property. If this happens, they can pretty much do whatever they please with it. This can be frustrating for the family and friends left behind and can result in a lot of conflicts. To avoid that, experts like Timothy J. Wagner work hard to help you write your will exactly the way you want it. This ensures your wishes are respected, and your friends and family inherit the things meant for them.

Alternative Options

A trust is similar to a will in many ways. It also dictates what will be done with your estate after you die, but with a trust, these wishes go into effect immediately. Another difference is that a trust involves a third party. Besides the trustor and the beneficiary, a third group called the trustee ensures that the titles are transferred correctly and that all transitions are smooth and painless for the beneficiary.
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Wills and trusts play important roles in ensuring security for your family’s future. Attorney Wagner specializes in legal advice and services regarding wills and trusts, so you can be sure you’re getting the best service available. Call now.